rosy the argosy – to do

This page is a one-stop-shop for all things Rosy the Argosy renovation! This running list will help us chronicle our reno all in one place, and keep us accountable and on track to hopefully hit our target move-in date — January 2018! Once something has been crossed off the list, we’ll add a hyperlink to it for fast access if its something we post about.

So here we go — a long, long list of to-dos for our long, long trailer.


  • Sand and repaint endcaps
  • Remove rust on tongue and propane tanks and paint them green
  • Remove rust on wheels and do custom paint job to match striping
  • Repair holes in roof where previous owner bolted through to suspend a microwave
  • Power wash algae off
  • Replace awning canvas
  • Add solar panels to roof
  • Replace missing lights
  • Restore ARGOSY emblem
  • Seal striping sticker
  • Repair door latch/lock
  • Repair coupler (parts purchased!)


  • Remove cabinets, twin beds, divider walls, settee, kitchenette
  • Pull up floor and sub-floor
  • Install new sub-floor
  • Paint walls white
  • Seating area
    • Custom L-shaped bench seat
      • Frame
      • New foam
      • Custom stain proofed fabric
    • Custom dog crate under L-shaped bench seat (our dogs love their crate)
    • Curtains
      • Wraparound windows
      • Front window
      • Dining window
    • Replace table top with real wood
  • Kitchen
    • Install fridge vent cover
    • New fridge
    • New custom lower cabinet
      • Faux concrete countertops
    • New sink and faucet
    • New custom upper cabinet
      • Compartmentalize for mess-free traveling
  • Bedroom
    • Murphy bed
    • Curtains
    • Storage cabinet/multi-use table surface
    • Ambient lighting
  • Bathroom
    • Extend by 6-8″?
    • Possibly new tub/shower
    • New sink
    • New cabinets

WHOA that’s a heckofa lot to do for such a small space! Better get to it…